Understanding What Is Required When Renting A Commercial Property

When renting a commercial property there are strict guidelines the landlord must follow if they are to be within the government guidelines, but also there are tenant responsibilities that must be adhered to as well.

Generally when renting a commercial property it will down to the individual lease where you will find the exact regulations and these will change depending on the type of property being let and the type of business the premises is built for.

However, there are some general regulations that need to be noted such as Fire Safety, safety of electrical equipment, gas safety along with making sure if there is asbestos in the building this is managed correctly to ensure maximum safety for the tenant.

Also, there are health and safety measures that must be adhered to with any commercial property and this will change and vary depending whether the commercial property are offices, warehouse and industrial or leisure.

Any dilapidations must also be corrected before returning the property, and generally the property must be in the same state as it was rented to ensure that deposits and no penalties apply to the tenant.

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